About RLM

Who we are:

Our team consists of people who have found healing from various addictions, abuse, and the brokenness of life.  Though we are not professional counselors, we consult with, and often work alongside those who are, toward a common goal. We seek to minister to those whose woundedness prevents them from experiencing life to its fullest.

Who we serve:

We serve those longing for inner change, churched and unchurched, believer and skeptic, whether you are struggling with past or present abuse, addictions and dysfunction. No matter what your struggle, we desire to come alongside you, to walk with you toward healing.

How it works:

Our ‘Genesis Process’ facilitators work one on one with clients in weekly sessions to lead them toward healing and freedom.

  • Genesis Relapse Prevention Process:

In regard to addictions  (chemicals, food, sex, work, relationships, etc.) The Genesis process helps the “client” discover what underlies the addiction, to break free and establish a system of accountability that prevents relapse. The client will identify goals, address a system of false beliefs and replace them with truth. He/she will learn strategies for dealing with fear, resentments and unhealthy attachments. Other tools included are stress management, healthy thinking, personal repentance, forgiveness and intergenerational curses and blessings.

  • Genesis Personal Healing Process:

In regard to abuses and other issues of past hurts, abuses, anxiety, anger, fears, stagnation, co-dependency, etc.

The Genesis Process is adapted and supplemented along with healing prayer to facilitate a progression that leads to healing from the hurts, lies, shaming, guilt, crippling thinking and behaviors imposed upon the client through trauma or other issues.

Safe Groups:

  • Genesis change groups for those who wish to get below the surface and work through some of life’s issues in a safe small group setting. Precedes but doesn’t replace 1 on 1.
  • Seminar/group for partners of the sexually abused focuses on how to help your partner as she (or he) is recovering from past sexual abuse.
  • Hope for parents and family members who hurt…support for those with a loved one going through difficult times.

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