About Bob Barnett

Master of Arts – Professional Counseling

Master of Divinity

Bachelor of Science – Psychology

Certified Genesis Relapse Prevention Program -Facilitator/counselor

Certified Prepare-Enrich Couples Counseling Facilitator

Until the age of 25 my life was characterized by a relentless pursuit of meaning and purpose. I tried about everything to fill that void, yet the adventure, the thrill seeking, and wild living never brought fulfillment. Then there came a time in my life when I had achieved everything I ever wanted: money, status, position, image, a life of adventure as a Marine officer, and a beautiful wife. . . but there was still something missing. I didn’t know who I was, why I was here, or where I was going.  Then, I saw that my wife had something I didn’t. . . a real relationship with God. Pretty soon, through Deb, I met Christ in a powerful way and that changed everything and for the better. I left the Marine Corps to go to graduate school just to study and learn. I never intended to go into the ministry. . . but God had other plans. The more I opened myself up to simply following His lead, the more I knew I was to make my life’s work helping others connect with the God who loves them. . . and learning how to experience the life God intends for each of us.

  1. a true man of God and i’m fortunate to know him…..and to know HIM as well….
    i wish you the best

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