A number of you have been asking, “What about Bob?” …  “What about RLM?”

 “What About Bob?”

Bob is involved in a full-time graduate program at Olivet Nazarene University that will lead to his licensure as a professional counselor in both Illinois and Wisconsin.  Bob is very busy in his studies and practicum experience.  Because of his extensive experience he qualified for an intense two year program that allows him to take his practicum & internship concurrent with his other academic courses.  It combines a three year program into two years.  He is seeing clients at Lake Geneva Wellness Clinic under their tutelage and supervision.

 “What about Real Life Ministries USA (RLM)?”

We are still here and still ministering to some.  Bob is still open to speaking and teaching, but the ministry itself has intentionally backed off seeking to move forward and expand and here is why:

As we were moving forward and gaining momentum and supporters were beginning to fall into place (pending tax exempt status) we apparently got caught up in the IRS (apparent) practice of discriminating against faith-based organizations.  A tax exempt application which should have found approval in a few months still sits over a year later on someone’s file still waiting to even have an agent assigned.  That will not occur until at least March of 2014.   So we have been unable to seek support from those who wanted to help fund this ministry to broken hurting people as a tax exempt organization.  We could of course seek support hoping that donors would at some time in the future receive a deduction for their support once approval was granted.  We opted not to do that believing it would be unethical and unwise.

 Please know that even during this interim period we have been able to come alongside quite a few people with the Genesis Process and other teaching opportunities.  Our core group still meets regularly for prayer and mutual support.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if we may be of service to you or your organization in some way.  Sorry that the articles and blogs have stopped for a while but time has not allowed for it with the new academic schedule.  We are still here.  We are keeping the tax exempt application in the works and maintaining our corporate status.

Our intent is to move forward again in the direction that God might lead when He makes clear to us that the time is “now.”  Thank you for your encouragement and prayers as we wait on him and Bob continues his studies to be used for God’s glory.

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