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It’s All In The Pauses
Somehow not long ago, Selah, my second to youngest granddaughter and I got into a conversation about the meaning of her name. Why? I think she was feeling a little left out of some of the games the older kids were playing.
I asked her, “Do you know what your name means, Selah? It’s a really special name you know!” In fact every time I say it or hear it I stop and think about God and how good He is, especially when I say it to you.”
“Why, Grandpa? What does it mean?” she asked.
I picked up my Bible from the nearby table and opened it to book of Psalms. I asked, “What do you see?”
“Hey! That’s my name, Grandpa!” she answered.
So I began to turn the pages and her name appeared again and again and again…. Over 70 times in the book of Psalms, the Hymnal of the Hebrew people. I told her, “God did that!” “And Selah means to pause, stop and think about what you just read or sang.” “So that is why every time I say your name I think of God and to pause and think about how good and gracious He has been and is.”
Selah got a big smile on her face and declared for all to hear, “I’m famous!!!!” And off she went to reclaim her rightful place in the games with her cousins and siblings.
Sometimes it’s all in the pauses of life that we can truly regain a right perspective of who we are, why we are here, and how great our God truly is. I am very thankful for the pauses. Play the little clip THE CHRISTMAS SCALE and you will see what I mean. Have a great pause today…

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