Once upon a time, there was a normal middle class house in a normal middle class neighborhood with a normal middle class family or so it seemed. There was a mother and a father and older siblings that came in and out of the home. And there was a little girl. But the family carried a secret. Unlike some other families who just go about their normal lives doing normal things the Suberbansteins had to “get ready” to be normal. They had to put on their people skin to cover up their monsterness. Daddy Suberbanstein was a mixture monster of fear – which gave him claws, pride which made him abnormally gigantic, selfishness which gave him one eye, numbing which encased his body in this shiny metallic black armor and hurt which allowed large lesions to fester. Mother Suberbanstein was a mixture monster of the wrong kind of submission – which made her small and flimsy like tissue paper, false beliefs – which caused her to have eyes everywhere including the back of her head, and fear which caused her feet to be light and her tongue to be metallic and sharp with jagged edges on it. The younger but older Suberbanstein siblings were monster mixes of addiction – which caused them to have little aliens coming out of their stomach and hijacking their brains and neglect which seems to make them have eyes that were blind to the world around them but facing inward so that they could not see anyone but themselves. The little girl didn’t need to “get ready” when she left the house when she was younger. And this “normalizing” practice confused her and made her wonder what she should be hiding about herself.

The outside of Suberbanstein home was beautiful. It was well manicured with flowers everywhere. But years and years of the Suberbanstein’s taking off their people skin when they got home had damaged the inside of the house. The interior walls were painted with fear. The air was filled with anxiety and tension so much so that it actually had a certain smell to it. There was so much negative energy that it dimmed the lights and drained the color out of everything.

Daddy Suberbanstein was the worst sometimes he would confuse the little girl wearing his people skin. One day Daddy Suberstanstein came home smiling in his people skin until he saw the little girls pet unicorn was leaving a fragrance of beautiful sweet flowers…Daddy’s smile changed and the little girls saw his monster horns come out as he went after her unicorn. He wanted to paint the unicorn with fear and fill it with anxiety so it no longer perfumed their home. Afterwards, Daddy put on his people skin again and called the little girl over to him. He sat her on his lap and she was hopeful that Daddy would make her unicorn better.

Instead he explained how she didn’t really see his monsterness and that unicorns weren’t supposed to be fragrant – all while his claws of fear were digging into her back and his eyes flashed with pride.
Such was life for the little girl. Normal =people skin and monsterness was the unacceptable norm. Over the years little by little the little girl began to adopt the normalizing process of the ADULT Suberbansteins. In was insidious and subtle. First it was in little things – she saw her reflection changing. Her voice became silent. She noticed part of herself becoming invisible and transparent under the weight of despair; then she grew small razor sharp spikes of hatred dripping with self-loathing on top of her head so she had dark streaks of loathing dripping down her face. The little girl became aware of her need to find people skin that would fit her so that she could go into the world of the “normal” people.

By the time the little girl grew up and left home she had become a full grown monster. What started out as silent voice became such a void of sound that her mouth had disappeared altogether. In it’s place was a dagger with razors for teeth. Her spikes had become adult horns and the self-loathing had a red tint of death in it now. Her eyes were sullen and she began looking for a way to stop her monsterness.

She tried a variety of things including getting more people skin and people gadgets to help her look less monster-like. She tried denying the monsterness which helped her horns and dagger to vanish if only for a moment or two. She learned about being “normal” and what the other people in suburbia do and she mimicked them – so much so that others believed her to be an upstanding “normal” middle class adult in a normal middle class neighborhood.
One day she a grown monster in people skin was out helping other “normals” when her people skin fell off in front of everyone and her monster-self started to show. She was mortified and began trying to “fix” her monsterness. She would saw off the horns – only to have them grow back bigger and stronger. She would tear the dagger off of her face only to have a sharper one grow in it’s place with more deadly razors.

Then she went to a place where some other middle class “normal” people were. She was about to tell everyone at this place that she was a monster and giving up her people skin when someone from across the room said he noticed she was helping the “normal” people…that she was helping them ~ so that they did not have to get any monster traits…
He was different. He saw through her people skin. He had a beautiful wife and she also saw through her people skin. But the really crazy thing was that they saw through her people skin and they didn’t see a monster. They saw a little girl and they loved her.

— By Anonymous in Testimonials