Posted: December 6, 2012 in Daily Living, Surrender

“You don’t need a plan or an answer right now. Just pray and go.”

 Last week God gripped my heart with a sudden and unexpected renewed vision. Sunday my wife and I began to act on it and hit the streets to seek to serve and be a blessing to people out there with some intentional acts of kindness… Pretty simple huh?

Last week I was talking with a chaplain friend when he asked me to recount for him how the original vision began of a safe place for hurting people to turn, reaching hungry and homeless and broken hurting people … as well as why I was compelled to go to Africa and begin the initiatives I did in regard to HIV/AIDS orphans and widows. As I revisited the God moments…God encounters from the very beginning… I realized that although my sphere of ministry has changed…. the vision hasn’t changed. It is still alive in my heart. He and I both know that Woodstock’s hungry and hurting people are a well “kept” secret in town (invisible people)….but if you go to the picturesque square at select times you will see culture shifts …. to the disenchanted youth at night to the homeless crowding the benches by day… and in the winter the library is full of them.

And then I felt God telling me…”You don’t need a plan or an answer right now. Pray and go …just go out your door and begin looking for the people I will show you. And so I shared that with Debby and we decided to begin doing just that… Who knows where the wind of the Spirit of God will take us….

Sunday this is what we did (a learning experience to be sure):

To start with we spent some time just praying before we went out not knowing where to go or what we would find. So we loaded up with a bunch of donuts and coffee as well as some other bagged stuff Deb had put together for more “transient” or “homeless”, but they were not out in town. Actually most of them have a regular schedule of where and when they go places to find shelter and food. I know on the weekday afternoons the square is usually populated.

As we left I just prayed God would put places on my mind. A Laundromat came to mind. Went to one Laundromat and had a taker or two. Then we went to a fairly large Laundromat in another part of town. This one was fun cause the longer we were there the more receptive people became. Realize that many Hispanic adults know little English but almost all had a child or a young person with them. I used to be good at interacting or getting by in Spanish but have lost it big time. The key word was “free.” One young woman was really taken in a good way by this. She searched us out to thank us and then later came back up and wanted to know “Really, why are you doing this?” So I told her it was something that God had told us to do….to just go be kind to people for Him and He led us “here.” The attendant (a woman) really warmed up to us by the time we were done and finally let us give her a large cinnamon roll and refill her coffee. She was so cool.

Oh, we went to the store and bought more donuts in between locations.

All in all it was a positive way to try to connect with precious people and we had fun doing it. Learned we need to carry some chocolate milk for kids and some stuff without sugar in it for diabetics, etc. So we are off to something new :o). Now to pray about where else and how to connect and incarnate Christ…

So this is what is happening in concert with our Real Life Ministries USA…

…”You don’t need a plan or an answer right now. Pray and go …just go out your door and begin looking for the people I will show you…”

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