Interview with Debby – Part 1

Posted: September 18, 2012 in Testimonies
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Recently we shared Debby’s heartbreaking story of sexual abuse. It may have struck a chord with you. This week we will reveal the first of a 3-part interview in which her rescue and redemption to healing and wholeness is revealed. Our prayer is that wherever you find yourself on the continuum of abuse and recovery, you will know that God is there waiting, just for you.

BOB: Deb, we have been married for 31+ years; have 4 grown sons with wonderful families of their own, 13 Grandkids with one on the way…and by any standard of measurement we have a great marriage physically, emotionally and spiritually. Would you have thought this possible at any time between your 15th and 19th birthday? What future did you foresee?

DEBBY: On my 19th birthday, just two months before I met you, all I could see in my future was extreme loneliness . . .  Why? Because I believed I was only good for one thing, being used.

BOB: Where was God during all of this?

DEBBY: God was there all the time protecting me from worse harm; from being physically hurt or beaten. I was aware He was there, but I pushed Him away because of how I felt and came to believe about myself (dirty, worthless, unlovable, and damaged forever). I couldn’t believe that God could love me like that. But instead of condemning me God treated me with compassion, reached down and arranged the circumstances in my life that got me out of all this.

BOB: How did all this abuse, this path to destruction come to and end? What was the turn around point or events that allowed you to step out of that and recover?

DEB: The short answer is that it ended when I met you, fell in love and we got married. But there is more to it than that. People have heard our romantic story of you not being able to leave me, turning your car around and asking me to marry you…and us marrying after only 3 weeks of dating. Truth: He brought you into my life at critical points in both our lives and used each of us to bring about a change in the others lives. You were very reckless with your life, thrill seeking, not caring if you lived or died and told me that your life started the day you met me. After we married I recovered my faith and you then came to Christ. I was living without hope headed for ruin, but you pulled me out of that and loved me.

BOB: Deb, at age 19 God reached into your life and gave you a future and real hope. What occurred that enabled you to function so well as a wife and mother in all areas of your life after all that happened to you?

DEBBY: God began to touch my heart as a result of you challenging my Christianity even though it was not evident in my life. I realized how far away I had pushed God and I began to realize that God wanted to forgive me and for me to forgive myself, which I did. Then I chose to live a forgiven life. That enabled me to function well, yet God had more to come: complete restoration and healing from the past.


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