How We Met

Posted: September 11, 2012 in Testimonies
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Not long ago I taught a series entitled, “Love That Lasts” about how to find and sustain a love that lasts a lifetime.  Though Debby and I knew each other only three weeks when we got married and our story sounds romantic it’s only by God’s intervention and grace that we’ve been able to overcome a poor foundation to flourish in our marriage.

We met in the fall of 1974. I was finishing up flight school in Pensacola, Florida and had gone to a mixer type of dance at the officer’s club on base.  It was a typical activity to fill my time as I waited for graduation. Going to the dance was something to do.

I can still picture Debby as she and her girl friend stood in the entrance.  She was really looking good and I wasted no time. We met, danced and continued to see each other over the next week or so. Then I said goodbye. I had received my Wings of Gold and had orders to report to MCAS at Cherry Point, North Carolina for duty. I told Debby good bye and left.  Then something strange happened to me.

The further out of town I drove the more I realized I did not want to leave.  I turned my around, and drove back to Debby’s apartment with the intention of asking her to come with me.

When I got there I was greeted by Debby’s mother and told that her father was giving her a ‘talking to’ and my presence was not welcome. Discouraged, but not defeated, I went to a nearby apartment where another Marine and his wife lived. They got a good chuckle at my predicament but supported my decision not to give up; despite the fact that Debby’s phone had been left off the hook to keep me from reaching her. Around midnight I tried calling again. This time Debby answered and was surprised to learn I was still around. We met outside where we kissed and I asked her to be my wife. A week later we were married at the chapel on base with a Navy chaplain presiding.

Though the fairy tale had begun, Debby’s secrets and shame carried within them the potential to destroy even this romantic beginning…

by Bob Barnett


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